Tribunales : Access to the Process : Acceso al Proceso
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Too many Latinos encounter significant legal entanglements as they take their first steps in this new environment.
As they seek jobs, and establish homes for their families, few are familiar with the the legal “do’s and don’ts” of their new surroundings.
Even more than delinquents, law-abiding individuals are often victimized by the language barrier and a lack of information about the criminal justice system.
Certified legal interpreters can help, when available, but there are too few. This compromises the integrity of the judicial process, and fair outcomes for those in need of services.
Education is the most effective antidote against inequality. Likewise, TRIBUNALES provides a video roadmap through the criminal trial courts, the process, and its impact on those involved; guided by a certified legal interpreter.
Recreated encounters with the legal establishment are presented as a tutorial in Spanish, which English speakers are able to follow through a companion CD in their language, upon request for a minimal charge.

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