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Lydia Rivera-Abrams, Producer of Tribunales

Lydia Teresa Rivera-Abrams has been providing services as a legal interpreter certified by the State of Massachusetts for over 10 years. Her scope of experience extends beyond the Trial Court and includes: attorney/client conferences, home, prison and hospital visits, and the Federal Immigration Court .

Her formal preparation is in the field of education. She obtained her teaching certificate for elementary, middle, and high school once she completed her degree at the University of Puerto Rico - Class of '68.

During her more than 25 years in education as a teacher and administrator she has also obtained a Massachusetts certification as a Program Director and Principal for elementary, middle, and high schools upon completion of her Masters Degree in Education Administration.

Her profile includes, but is not limited to:

Contributing to the lives of her now adult children
Developing and implementing the concept of a centralized multilingual translation and interpreting service model for the Boston Public School community of professionals and parents
Community service manifested through informational programming on Access television and parental empowement training workshops
Local politlcal activism through taxpayer associations and town meeting membership